REC was started by Jonny and Reuben.
Two average guys who loved sports, exercise and fitness. However, they had a problem. 
J & R lived in Northern Ireland. It's cold. They were cold. They needed an extra layer when they were playing 5-a-side and going to the gym. 💭💡 MEN'S LEGGINGS
Reuben started looking 👀 
He surfed 🏄‍ the internet in search for a pair of legging's that were not only stylish but affordable. He couldn't find any.... 💡💡💡
Reuben jumped in his car 🚗 and went to see Jonny. 
Reuben: "Jonny I have an idea"
2mins later...
Jonny: "I'M IN"
(Based on a true story)